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We undertake works throughout the UK in a variety of sensitive sites including Hospitals, Barracks, Prisons, Police Stations, Schools, Children’s Centres, factories and specialist sites such as glass works.

Customer: Ardagh
We have been working with Ardagh for over 30 years. We undertake major capital works and also provide them with a full maintenance service. Annual customer turnover £1m.
Contract: Highly specialized construction of new furnace
Description: Contract commenced in February 2012 and ran until September 2013. This involved the creation of and including new building, conveyor, superstructure steelwork and the creation of a new environment
Value: £700,000

Customer: Roan Building Systems
Description: Various sites
Value: Contract annual turnover of £900,000

Customer: Network Rail Bristol
Description: Signal control building in Bristol
Project Value: £250,000